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Nurse Assistant Program

Step 1:

Apply Now!

**A $50.00 deposit to hold your start date is required. The deposit will then be applied to the lab fee. NATS will contact you within 48 business hours to schedule your start date. 







*Download your Driver's License and high school diploma directly to form.
**As of February 1, 2022, all students must have the covid vaccine by their week of clinicals. 

Additional Resources:

Click here for more info

By the first day of class, the below will be needed. 

  • Must be 18-years old

  • Ability to Benefit Entrance Examination OR High School Transcripts/equivalent 

  • Proper Identification (Social Security Card and Driver's License)

  • Satisfactory Character 

    • Background Screening (NATS completes with submission of application)

    • Verification of Work History

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